Soapstone Tiny Bowl Series - Saucer

Soapstone Tiny Bowl Series - Saucer

$7.00 Each

Soapstone Tiny Bowl Series - Saucer

This Soapstone Saucer Tiny Bowl is a great addition to any food lover's kitchen. Use it to serve condiments, dipping sauces, or harness the soapstone's temperature retaining qualities to keep dips warm or chilled.

Little things make big things happen. Our Tiny Bowl Series is a collection of handmade soapstone bowls that are designed to do just that. Whether you're using them to hold spices or toppings while preparing dinner or as a place to throw the loose change in your pocket, the functionality of this collection will no doubt help you organize your daily routine.

- 100% Natural Soapstone

- Designed & Assembled in the USA

- Naturally Non-Stick

- Serve from kitchen to table

- 1.5 oz. / 3 x 3 x 1


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