Soapstone Tiny Bowl Series - Ramekin

Soapstone Tiny Bowl Series - Ramekin

$15.00 Each

Soapstone Tiny Bowl Series - Ramekin

This Soapstone Ramekin is a great addition to any food lover's kitchen. Use it to serve sauces, or harness the soapstone's temperature retaining qualities to keep dips warm or chilled.

Pull your bowl from the fridge and use it to serve salsa or guacamole that will stay chilled long after it hits the table. Heat your favorite spinach artichoke dip in the bowl and serve it kitchen-to-table, or surprise your guests with their own personal creme brulee at the end of the meal.

- 100% Natural Soapstone

- Designed & Assembled in the USA

- Naturally Non-Stick

- Serve from kitchen to table

- 7 oz. / 3.5 x 3.5 x 2


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